Branding & Marketing

Get started on the right track and establish a branding plan-of-attack with a comprehensive and interactive consultation with me. I can help you get clear about your vision and help you understand how audiences perceive your brand.

This 60 minute interactive session will help you identify strategies for revealing your brand to your audience. It will also help you discover key people to assist your vision and impact the choices you make for your business in the future. Schedule your session online here.

Brand Identity

I'm not your everyday designer who's going to just email you a few logo PNG files and send you off to chase glory. I'm here for you for the long haul to success. I'm with you to help create your brand strategy, brand visuals and protection of your assets. If your brand includes video assets, I'll help your produce every single clip from video ads to longforms. Brand identity development is an immersive experience that includes consultation, logo design, color palette, iconography, typography, photography, videography,  brand style guide, and brand assets delivery. I've been in the business a while so I've learned quite a lot.


Regardless if you're booking a session for your family, your young children, your high school senior or for whatever other reason, I strive for sessions to be a fun, laid back experience. Sessions are a mixture of posed and natural images. I want your images to show the personalities of those in them so that you can look back on them in the future and remember these moments just as they were. I love happy, fun images. I want children to be children. I want you to have the silly candid images just as much as the smiling, posed ones, therefore varying by the type of session, full sessions do include quite a few final images.


You need your website to work for you and automates your interactions with your audience. Your website is your personal brand assistant that converts, sells, and acts as your online advocate. This is where we'll allow that marketing collateral that we develop to speak on your behalf.  Together, we'll figure out what exactly you need your website to do. Then, we'll reconstruct your home-base run just as good as it looks. After it's all set up, we'll even stair-step you into maintaining your website on your own after it's published.


If you're not using online video, how hip can you really be? Online video is now one of the most powerful tools to promote your brand. From pre-production to post-production and everything in between, I will help produce, shoot, and edit compelling and useful videos tailored for your audience.  You've already got the content so let me deliver the creative direction. I can help you reach new clients, elevate the look of your product or service, and advertise your business.  Even if all you need is a video for your website or YouTube, I'm here to help.

Categories include (but are not limited to) product demos, business promotion, training videos, documentaries, seminars, events, and fundraisers. Let me help connect your audience with your brand.