We’re LIVE!!! Love’s Apprentice Presents Sess Addicts Anonymous

Sess Addicts Anonymous is a monthly 10 minute web show based in Austin, Texas designed to entertain and inspire. Each episode will have engaging interviews, challenges, and tutorials with working creatives set in Austin’s most unique environments, hosted by Love’s Apprentice.

This show is a place to highlight the unique stories coming out of Austin, from a local angle for a global audience. Each episode will spotlight one of the following categories- photography interests, artists, creative entrepreneurs, models, makers, trends, & editing - by telling the compelling stories of and by providing entertaining content from our “Sess Addicts.”




Franki Phoenix is this month’s MUSE. She has been featured in campaigns for Luke 1532 and other Central Texas Photographers.

Franki Phoenix has all the makings of a classic blossoming fashion model: with wide almond shaped eyes similar to Beyoncé, the instinctive cool factor, a slender agile frame, the short coily tapered coif that complements the cheekbones so perfectly, and the kind of “here to slay” energy that makes every moment worth snapping. But there is something less obvious that I learned from this rising star, a reality that is now finally being questioned and challenged.

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Episode 1: First giving all honor to Jessica Kolbeissi, from whom the inspiration for this episode of Sess Addicts Anonymous flows. #ATXPhotographers go head to head for an epic showdown to show how a little friendly rivalry and collaboration can lead to awesome results!

Same story - Each photog chooses a location. Then each photog will have to shoot a different look in each location. Chime in down below to let us know what you like (or don't like) about our photos. Consideration for this episode provided by Luke1532 and Sugar by Gay Isber.


Check out these shots taken by #ATXPhotographer Ursula Rogers during this episode.


With guest appearances by….

There is always something to learn with anyone and that’s always a humbling an awesome experience.”

Check out his photos from this show below.

and last, but not least, check out these Photos that i took on this episode.

This episode of SESS ADDICTS ANONYMOUS is brought to you by  Luke 1532 .

This episode of SESS ADDICTS ANONYMOUS is brought to you by Luke 1532.


If you want to be a featured “SESS ADDICT,” drop me a line and let me know how we can CONNECT > COLLAB > CREATE.

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